Within the company, there is a lot of collaboration and synergy which is implemented and promoted. While there is a corporate structure, employees are not defined by their job titles. Team members have the ability to offer radical changes, and leaders are willing to go to any length to ensure success.

Value Partnerships.

Patients, employees, healthcare professionals, partners, and stockholders all come first for Stem Tronics.

Take a chance and make a difference in the world!

Stem Tronics is a fast-growing medical device company on a mission to provide the advantages of robotic surgery to millions of patients every year. We are always on the search for talented, dedicated, and enthusiastic individuals who want to join us in our mission to improve surgery.



Stem Tronics hires and retains skilled individuals, from engineering to production, and then to operations, who are eager to take on complex projects and, in the end, benefit patients with specific health disorders.


Our Mission

Provide great customer service by getting to know our customers and their needs.


Our workforce is encouraged through competitive benefit packages.


Our Philosophy

To deliver innovation, move with a sense of urgency.

We react rapidly at Stem Tronics to implement technologies that improve patients' quality of life and the process is fully sustained by surgeons and healthcare providers.

Our industry, our culture, and our success are built on three essential pillars:

  • Delivering Innovation
  • Exceptional Comeback
  • Advancing Patient Care


The options to develop and define your own career are endless as we continue to grow at a quick pace.

Why Stem Tronics?

For some, it is the opportunity to work for a company that aims to improve the lives of millions of people who undergo surgery each year. Others are focused on creating some of the world's most innovative technology. Some people perceive us as a quickly developing company and an excellent opportunity to advance their career, while others simply want to be part of a welcoming, team-oriented environment.


We Have Several Openings – You Can Choose Your Area

Machine and Device Operating

Stem Tronics' machine operators work in a cutting-edge production facility, programming, setting up, and operating machining tools while ensuring quality and safety standards.

We just established a brand-new production unit, equipped with new machines and well-lit work areas, as a result of our development and expansion.

Product Management - Market Research and Forecasting

Product Managers maintain ongoing market awareness by gathering, analyzing, and interpreting market data in order to detect client demands and trends.

Throughout the product development process, the Product Manager refines a market introduction plan and sales estimate, working with executive leadership to get the project to market launch.

The Product Manager successfully plans and oversees the launch of new products, promotes them proactively, and evaluates their effectiveness by tracking key performance metrics such as revenue, market share, customer feedback, and other indicators as needed.

Model Making

Model Makers collaborate closely with a network of engineers on an iterative development process that is unrivaled in the industry in terms of speed and quality.

When prototyping is done right, it can be the difference between a successful product and one that fails. Our Prototype Shop, located next to Product Development, is well prepared to streamline the prototype process.

Model Makers collaborate with the engineering team to develop new concepts and improve existing ones through an iterative design and prototype cycle.

Product Engineering and Development

Product engineers have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to collaborate with surgeons and model makers on an iterative development process to ensure the delivery of a broad range of clinically relevant solutions to the operating room at unparalleled speed and quality.

Committed engineering teams are at the heart of our operations, including clinical feedback from surgeons during product development, testing, assessment, and manufacture.