It is never just about our physique when it comes to our physical well-being. It is about our thoughts, feelings, and goals. When something keeps it back, our entire lives are put on hold. We are here to alter that, to use technology to remove barriers and to assist other medical experts in doing so.

Transforming surgery

With the Stem Tronics Vital™ Surgical System, we have created a next-generation technology that fits effortlessly into today's operating rooms, collaborating with surgeons to enhance patient outcomes and bring value to healthcare providers.

Technology for the Whole Surgical Team

It takes a team to perform a successful surgery. We created an open surgeon interface that ensures transparent communication between the surgeon and the rest of the team while also providing superior surgical site visibility due to advanced display technology. Stem Tronics is quick to put up and take down between procedures, as one would expect from a next-generation surgical robot. Because of its tiny footprint and modular construction, it is simple to move around and between operating rooms.



The surgical robotic system from Stem Tronics is taking surgery to the next level.

We started with basic steps and ended up with Stem Tronics to design the next generation of surgical robots.

The needs of patients, doctors, and surgical teams have guided the design from the beginning. Stem Tronics was created to be readily integrated into existing surgical processes, and the console design allows surgeons to work in a way that reduces physical and mental effort. Stem Tronics transforms our perceptions of surgery.


Next Generation Minimal Access Surgery

As surgeons state, Stem Tronics has created laparoscopy of the current century. It offers you port placement flexibility while also providing the benefits of fully wristed instruments, advanced vision, natural instrument control, and a variety of ergonomic working positions that can help decrease stress and fatigue. In other words, it gives surgeons the best ways to perform efficiently.


Designed for Today’s Operating Environment

Forget all you have learned about robotics so far. Stem Tronics is a one-of-a-kind company. Stem Tronics is lightweight and portable. Individual arms can be moved throughout the operating room, across suites, and even between floors of your hospital, thanks to its modular design, which maximizes efficiency within the OR suite.



The cost of the best sort of surgery can be a barrier for some people. Robotics, according to Stem Tronics, should be accessible to all who require it. Stem Tronics is made to be exactly that.

Stem Tronics is easy to put up and take down, saving time in the OR. It can handle a wide range of laparoscopic procedures because it simulates the dexterity and range of motion of the surgeon's own hand and wrist. All of this, combined with the system's mobility, means hospitals can enhance service.

Finally, our managed-service approach eliminates the need for a large upfront investment. We can provide you with a complete robotics program at a fixed annual rate for a multi-year period.


Surgical Teams

The surgeon and surgical team are the most precious assets in any operating room. Everything else, we feel, should revolve around them and their requirements. As a result, we created Stem Tronics, a surgical system tailored to the demands of surgical teams.


Surgeon-Led Design

Laparoscopic surgery is difficult both psychologically and physically, as we all know. The Stem Tronics system was created to make the surgeon's work easier. Our open platform design lets you to sit up straight or stand for maximum ergonomic effectiveness, keeping you comfortable for longer each day and potentially lengthening your career.


Operate Your Way

Stem Tronics restores your ability to think laparoscopically. Individual cart-mounted arms replicate and augment what your own arms can do, allowing you to place ports where you think will be most useful for each surgery.


Designed for Your Patient

The advantages of laparoscopic surgery to patients have now been established. Smaller incisions reduce scarring and pain, make surgical site infections (SSIs) easier to manage, and lower the risk of port site rupture. We have developed a collection of wrist-worn equipment, including energy devices. We have built advanced collaborative robotics into every Stem Tronics arm, allowing surgical teams to relocate arms while the surgeon is operating, providing additional access if needed, all without disturbing the surgeon or the procedure they are performing. It truly is something that must be seen to be believed.


Investing In Surgery

Stem Tronics is dedicated to bringing the benefits of minimal access surgery to a wider range of patients. This includes not just providing a cost-effective robotic system, but also a long-term commitment to surgical team training and enhanced surgical techniques based on real-time best-in-class performance. We have put up a comprehensive surgical register to log all of our system's surgeries, which will be implemented at each of our early-adopter facilities. We hope that by being transparent and inclusive, we may assist surgeons in delivering more predictable and consistent surgical outcomes on a daily, weekly, and annual basis.


A Robotic System with Real Value

Surgical robotic systems can help patients, doctors, and hospitals achieve better results. However, their size and cost have limited their use and prevented robotically assisted surgery from being more widely available. This is where Stem Tronics comes in.



The cost of robotic surgery has been a key impediment to its widespread implementation. With a number of purchase alternatives, including a managed service, we strive to be commercially flexible. Our managed-service package gives you complete financial certainty over the annual cost of your robotics platform, which includes all Stem Tronics devices as well as annual care and maintenance, all for one fixed price. Our goal for hospitals is to reduce the cost of robotic-assisted surgery to the same level as manual laparoscopy, allowing you to choose the best method to each procedure based on clinical rather than financial considerations.


High Utilization and Throughput

Stem Tronics is designed for use in a wide range of operations, not just the most difficult situations. Its tiny, modular form aspect makes it easy to transfer between operating rooms and even hospitals, making it extremely versatile and capable. As a result, it may be easily integrated into existing hospital workflows. We believe that the combination of adaptability and mobility enables hospital administrators to get the most out of their robotics program, resulting in increased hospital efficiency and better clinical outcomes.


Attract and Retain the Best Surgeons

Surgeons have long desired and demanded advanced medical solutions that actually improve surgical results. Similarly, the top surgeons want to work at the forefront of their field and will seek out a company that shares their goals.

Stem Tronics is the future of minimal access surgery. It is not only intended to improve patient outcomes, but also to provide the best surgical experience possible. The ergonomic surgeon interface is specifically designed to alleviate mental and physical strain, thus allowing surgeons to function at a higher level for longer periods of time, potentially prolonging their working life.



Stem Tronics has been established in the real-world demands of hospitals and surgical teams since the outset of its development. It is easy to set up and can move wherever is needed, so it will not take up too much space in an OR. The steam autoclave can sanitize all tools and scopes. Similarly, because Stem Tronics uses conventional laparoscopic techniques and gives surgeons the opportunity to install ports anywhere they choose, it is easy for surgical teams to learn and accept.

We have made Stem Tronics simple for your facility to adopt by minimizing disturbance to existing processes and providing a managed-service approach that avoids expensive capital outlay.


The Shift in Perspective Continues

Stem Tronics Vital™ X-ray, our Robotic Surgery System, continues to redefine treatments and considerably enhance adaptability. The Stem Tronics Vital™ X-ray Surgical System, a proven alternative to surgical intervention and traditional therapy, is distinguished from other radiation delivery devices by having a linear accelerator mounted on a robotic arm. This allows for additional flexibility and freedom of movement in the delivery of radiation beams. The X-ray integrated X-ray imagers in the Stem Tronics Vital™ provide continuous image guiding and real-time tracking capabilities, ensuring that the treatment is exceedingly exact and precise.


Robotic Surgery

Its ability to precisely track tumors allows it to administer significant doses of radiation in only a few fractions. The Stem Tronics Vital™ X-ray Surgical Device is a high-performance system that has been proved to offer the right therapy while tracking and correcting for mobility. This ensures that the Stem Tronics Vital™ X-ray Surgical System delivers the greatest dose to the tumor while minimizing healthy tissue exposure, reducing side effects and maximizing patient comfort without sacrificing efficiency or effectiveness.

  • Greater precision and accuracy
  • Real-time tracking and correction
  • Fewer and faster treatments



Deliver robotic radiosurgery and stereotactic body radiotherapy with true robotic precision to any part of the body. An innovative radiation robot, the Stem Tronics Vital™ X-ray System, administers treatments in an industry-exclusive workspace separated into anatomy-specific routes. The Vital™ X-ray System from Stem Tronics can deliver thousands of non-coplanar and coplanar beam angles to stationary or moving targets.



In real time, now it is possible to precisely synchronize treatment delivery with patient and tumor motion. Synchrony combines completely integrated imaging and indication-specific tracking applications to offer constant intra-fraction position tracking and automatic motion synchronization, making it the industry's only genuine motion synchronization solution. This provides you the confidence to treat tumors effectively while limiting dose to healthy tissue and reducing side effects.



With shorter treatment periods, doctors and patients will have a better experience. The Stem Tronics Vital™ X-ray System allows you to treat larger targets in less time with fewer beams.



With the next-generation Stem Tronics Vital™ Radio™ Optimizer, you can take use of powerful features like multimodality image fusion and deformable image registration to speed up treatment planning and delivery.



Empower your team to connect, share, analyze, and exploit data to increase collaboration, improve treatment planning, and streamline procedures within your practice.