About Us

In today's value-based health industry, Stem Tronics believes in digitizing the surgeon-patient interface in laparoscopy to boost control and reduce surgical unpredictability.

Training and Empowering Surgeons

At Stem Tronics, we aim to make minimal access surgery accessible to everyone.

We are restoring stability to people's lives. What is our motivation?

1. To use biomedical engineering in the study, manufacture, development and sale of devices or appliances that relieve pain, recover health, and extend life.

2. To focus our growth in areas of biomedical engineering where we have the most strength and capability; to gather participants and facilities that will help us expand these areas; to continue to build on these areas through education and knowledge acquisition; and to avoid participating in areas where we cannot make unique and valuable contributions.

3. To strive unconditionally for the highest possible reliability and quality in our products; to be the unrivaled benchmark of comparison; and to be known as a company dedicated to honesty, integrity, and service.

About Stem Tronics

Stem Tronics is a robotic-assisted, minimally invasive surgery pioneer and technological leader. The Stem Tronics Vital™ Surgical System is designed, manufactured, and distributed by Stem Tronics. The company aims to make surgery more efficient, less invasive, and less distressing for doctors, patients, and their families.

Our robotic surgical system comprises a surgeon controlled robotic platform that includes an advanced vision system and interactive instruments for performing standard and complex operating room (OR) procedures, as well as a surgeon workspace that provides the surgeon with an interface to the robotic platform for controlling the interactive instruments and providing a technology based endoscopic view of the inside of a patient’s body.


Empowering Surgeons Leads to Surgery Transformation

At Stem Tronics, we want to make minimal access surgery accessible to everyone. With the Stem Tronics Vital™ Surgical System, we have created a next-generation tool that fits effortlessly into today's operating rooms. This has been completed through collaboration with surgeons to enhance patient outcomes and bring value to healthcare providers. 


We created a system that could assist millions of people throughout the world receive minimal access surgery. 

Company Goals

When you get into connection with us, you will easily discover that we are not just another medical equipment manufacturer. While our technology is the next generation in robotic-assisted surgery, we are equally focused on breaking down obstacles in the development, delivery, and management of our systems. We believe in establishing long-term collaborative partnerships that benefit all parties involved.


Mission Statement of Stem Tronics

It serves as a guide for our daily work and as a reminder that our efforts are changing the lives of millions of people every year.

Our first and fundamental priority, in accordance with our mission, is to contribute to human wellbeing. This philosophy serves as an ethical guideline and motivator for our employees all across the world.



Through effective, innovative, and compliant procedures, we strive for exceptional product quality and reliability.


A Quality Leader Who Is Always Moving Forward

We strive to be the unrivaled standard of comparison and to be recognized as a company implementing perseverance, integrity and service. Quality is an integral part of our mission, and we strive without reservation for the highest possible reliability and quality in our products.

We are dedicated to maintaining and improving the efficacy of our quality management systems, complying with all regulatory requirements, and providing exceptional service to our customers through our products, processes, and partnerships.


Our Strategic Objectives

In today's value-based health industry, Stem Tronics believes in digitizing the surgeon-patient interface in laparoscopy to boost control and reduce surgical variability.


The Importance of Collaboration

Within the company, there is a lot of collaboration and synergy which is implemented and promoted. While there is a corporate structure, employees are not defined by their job titles. Team members have the ability to offer radical changes, and leaders are willing to go to any length to ensure success. Colleagues are continuously motivating and inspiring one another, and everyone is working towards the same goal.


Our Team Culture

Join a Collaborative and Innovative Culture

Working at and with Stem Tronics is unlike other activity. We are on a mission. We have established our priorities. Our mission is to restore health and extend life for millions of people throughout the world.


Collaboration Is Essential to Make a Real Difference in Healthcare

We recognize that what has gotten us so far is not enough to assure our long-term success. That is why we are committed to growing our presence in healthcare and partnering with others in the field. We are putting our strategic culture, clinical skills, and healthcare system knowledge to work in new and innovative ways, and we are coming up with answers together.

We hire people from all over the world, and we value their different skills and viewpoints since they are the key to our success. To maintain our momentum, we individually endeavor to meet the following work expectations every day:

  • CREATE: We are dedicated to being experts in our field, with a clear vision of where we want to go and how we will get there.
  • INVOLVE: We collaborate with and involve others because we believe that a varied range of talent, skills, and viewpoints leads to better results.
  • TRANSFORM: We are forward-thinkers who come up with innovative ideas and implement them to benefit our patients, partners, and customers.
  • ACCOMPLISH: We follow through on what we say we will accomplish, producing high-quality results.


Vision and Values

Our purpose

It is never just about our physique when it comes to our physical well-being. It is about our thoughts, feelings, and goals. When something keeps it back, our entire lives are put on hold.

We are here to alter that, to use technology to remove barriers and to assist other medical experts in doing so.


The Foundations of Our Culture

A purpose-driven culture is essential for a successful business.


Empathy and understanding for one another, our clients, and our patients are ingrained in our culture.

  • We put ourselves in our consumers' position, anticipate their needs, and provide unparalleled innovation and service.
  • We work hard to gain a thorough understanding of the patients we eventually serve, and we design our products with them in mind.
  • Our enthusiasm for what we do motivates us to keep improving and expanding the positive influence we make on the world.


A culture of teamwork is based on mutual trust and respect.

  • As a group, we are stronger and achieve more. We are both forceful and efficient when we work together.
  • We are motivated by a shared purpose and comprehend the significance of our individual efforts on our collective goals through open and respectful communication.
  • We obtain the best results by fostering multiple perspectives and leveraging our worldwide experiences.


Continuous learning, innovation, and accountability are all part of our culture.

  • We push the frontiers of our industry by remaining engaged, thinking boldly, and having the discipline to challenge our conventional ways of thinking.
  • We foster an entrepreneurial, can-do mindset by looking for solutions and bringing them to fruition via talent and willpower.
  • We have the capability and confidence to succeed with a growth mindset, and we do so with integrity and the highest ethical standards.


Putting People First

Patients, employees, healthcare professionals, partners, and stockholders all come first for Stem Tronics.


Empowering Our Employees

Our performance:

  • We partnered with our employees to rethink our company's culture and mission.
  • We kept investing in our leadership development programs: Innovator and Powerful Leader.
  • We created Edge, a new leadership curriculum for supervisors in charge of production teams.


Keeping the Workplace Injury-Free

Every day, we prioritize the safety of our employees and those that collaborate with us. Working in a healthy and safe environment is critical to our success.


Safe Use of Our Products

We are dedicated to assisting healthcare practitioners in bettering the lives of their patients by providing high-quality products and services and ensuring that they are used safely and efficiently.


Being a Responsible Global Citizen

In today's world, there are so many challenges and everyone must contribute to their treatment. More and more people want to work for organizations that make a difference and act responsibly. Our products and services at Stem Tronics empower our employees to make a difference in the world by enhancing health and quality of life.


Delivering Products with a Smaller Environmental Impact

The environmental impact of our products and services is important to our stakeholders. For several years, we have worked to improve our internal environmental footprint, particularly in the areas of waste, water, and emissions.


Minimizing Waste

Our goal is to achieve excellent waste management practices by minimizing all of our waste streams at all of our locations across the world, particularly at our production facilities.

Our performance:

  • 74% waste to recycling, including waste to energy
  • 15% reduction in landfill waste


Water Management

We strive to utilize as little water as possible throughout the production and distribution of raw materials and components upstream. We also want to make sure that when our consumers use our new and improved products, they use the least amount of water possible.

Our performance:

  • 28% reduction in annual water use


Reducing Emissions

We are using a two-pronged strategy to reducing emissions: improving energy efficiency and getting lower-carbon energy. We invest in technology solutions such as low-energy LED lighting systems and solar power to achieve this.

Our performance:

  • 18% reduction of emissions


Sustainability Is Essential

We announced the establishment of our Group Sustainability Strategy, which outlines our aspirational goals and objectives. It is part of our group's business policy. This ensures that the three key dimensions of sustainability are addressed simultaneously: economic prosperity, social responsibility, and environmental care.


Our Sustainability Vision

We envisage a world where healthcare professionals have access to the tools they need to assist patients regain their health, participate in society, aid the environment, and improve their overall well-being.

Our sustainability targets are the first steps on our path to achieving the aspirational sustainability goals we have developed.


Our Long-Term Aspirational Goals

Giving priority to people:

  • Throughout the value chain, there should be no work-related injuries or illnesses.
  • Ethical Business Practices.
  • No product-related and service-related patient injuries.
  • Strong corporate social responsibility programs that help to attract and retain outstanding employees.
  • Business activities matched with risk appetite, and comprehensive strategic risks and opportunities.


Delivering Products with a Smaller Environmental Impact

  • Water: Our products and solutions have total water impacts that are harmonized with local human and ecosystem needs.
  • Waste: All materials are either shipped as part of product or returned for beneficial use.
  • Carbon: 75% absolute reduction in total life cycle greenhouse gas emissions in the near future.
  • Products and services are matched with market economic, social, and environmental expectations, as well as market conditions in the future.
  • All products have sustainability qualities that have been identified and discussed in detail.
  • R&D (Research and Development) and NPD (New Product Development) processes deliver environmental, social, and healthcare economically advantaged innovations.
  • Potential acquisitions' environmental, social, and economic impacts, technologies to be extended to Emerging Markets, innovative business models, cost-of-quality-reduction initiatives, manufacturing siting, functional optimization, and site utilization alternatives are all comprehended and suitably balanced.